How to Change Contact Name on Android

How to Change Contact Name on Android
How to Change Contact Name on Android

If you need to update, correct, or modify the name saved for a contact on your Android phone or tablet, it’s a very easy process.

Here we’ll walk through the simple steps to change a contact’s name on any Android device.

Steps to Change a Contact Name on Android

Follow these steps to change or edit a contact’s name on your Android:

1. Open the Contacts App

First, open the Contacts or Phone app on your Android. This is where all your contacts are stored.

2. Tap the Contact

Next, scroll and tap the contact whose name you want to change or edit.

3. Tap Edit Contact

At the top of the contact details screen, tap the Edit contact (pencil icon) button.

4. Edit the Name

This will open the contact details for editing. Tap the existing name field and edit or change the name as needed.

5. Hit Save

When you have finished editing the name, tap the Save button at the top to save the new name.

That’s all there is to it! With just those few simple taps, you can easily change or update the saved name for any contact on your Android.


What happens to the old name?

The old name will be completely replaced by the new name you enter. The contact’s previous name will not be saved or accessible after changing it.

Can I undo a name change?

Unfortunately, there is no undo option after changing a contact name. However, you can simply change the name again and re-enter the old name if you make a mistake.

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