How to Change Discord Notification Sound on Android

How to Change Discord Notification Sound on Android
How to Change Discord Notification Sound on Android

Learn how to customize notification sounds for Discord on your Android device. This easy guide covers finding notification settings and selecting new sounds.

Locate Discord’s Notification Settings

The first step is to open the Discord app on your Android phone or tablet. From the app’s main screen, tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner to open the User Settings menu.

Next, select “Notifications” from the list of options. This will display your notification preferences for Discord.

Change Notification Sounds

In the Notifications settings, you’ll see a list of different notification types with toggle switches to enable/disable each one. Find the option labeled “Sound” and tap on it.

This will open a menu where you can select a new notification sound for Discord alerts. Your Android device’s default notification sounds will be listed here. Tap on one to preview it.

When you’ve found a sound you like, tap “Save” to set it as your new Discord notification sound. You’re all set!

Customize Notification Sounds Further

If you want even more customization options, Discord lets you set unique notification sounds for different servers or DMs.

Go back to the main Notifications screen and tap on “Advanced” at the bottom. Here you can override the global sound setting and assign custom sounds for specific servers, channels, and DMs.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you don’t hear your new notification sound, check that the notification volume is turned up in your device’s main Settings app. Discord follows your system notification settings.

Also, verify that the notification sound itself is not muted. Some Android devices let you mute specific sounds.


Can I use custom sound files for Discord notifications?

Unfortunately no, Discord’s notification sounds have to be selected from your device’s built-in options. You cannot upload custom audio files.

Pros of Customizing Notification Sounds

  • Helps distinguish Discord alerts from other notifications
  • Lets you choose sounds that fit your preferences
  • Can set different sounds for different Discord channels

Cons of Customizing Notification Sounds

  • Limited to default system notification sounds
  • Can be time consuming to set custom sounds for many servers/channels
  • Sounds may stop working if you change Android devices

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