How to Change Voicemail to English on Android

Learn how to change your Android voicemail language to English in a few easy steps. This guide covers Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus, and other phones.

What Language Is Your Android Voicemail In?

When you first set up your Android phone, it likely defaulted to the system language. If you purchased your phone in a non-English speaking country, your voicemail greeting may be in another language.

The good news is you can change your Android voicemail language to English pretty easily. The steps depend a bit on your specific phone model, but we’ll cover the most common ways below.

Change Voicemail Language on Samsung Galaxy Phones

On most Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets:

  1. Open the Phone app and tap the More options icon (3 dots)
  2. Select “Settings” and tap “Voicemail”
  3. Tap “Advanced settings” then “Language”
  4. Select “English” and confirm the change

Your Samsung voicemail should now be in English. You can repeat these steps to change it to any other language as needed.

Change Voicemail Language on Google Pixel Phones

On Pixel phones:

  1. Open the Phone app and tap the More options icon (3 dots)
  2. Select “Settings” and tap “Voicemail”
  3. Tap “Greetings”
  4. Tap the language, then select “English”

This will update your Pixel voicemail greeting language. You may need to record a new greeting after changing the language.

Change Voicemail Language on OnePlus Phones

On most OnePlus phones:

  1. Open the Phone app and tap the More options icon (3 dots)
  2. Select “Settings” and tap “Voicemail”
  3. Tap the gear icon to access advanced voicemail settings
  4. Tap “Default language” and select “English”

Your OnePlus voicemail language is now updated. The process is similar on other brands like Motorola, Nokia, Sony, etc.

Troubleshooting Android Voicemail Language

If you followed the steps but your voicemail is still in the wrong language, here are some things to try:

  • Double check that the voicemail language setting changed in the Phone app
  • Record a new English voicemail greeting
  • Update your phone’s system language to English
  • Contact your carrier to reset your voicemail

In most cases, this issue is caused by an outdated greeting message. Recording a new English voicemail greeting should resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get English voicemail on an unlocked international Android phone?

Yes, most unlocked international Android phones allow you to change the voicemail language to English or any other language. Just follow the steps for your phone brand above.

Will changing the voicemail language affect any of my other settings?

No, changing your voicemail language only updates the voicemail – all your other phone settings will remain unchanged.

What if my phone brand isn’t listed here?

The process should be very similar for most Android phones even if not listed above. Look for the voicemail settings in your Phone app or contact your phone manufacturer for help.

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