How to Connect Oticon Hearing Aids to Android Phone

Learn step-by-step how to pair Oticon hearing aids with any Android smartphone. Includes troubleshooting tips and benefits of connecting Oticon devices.

What You’ll Need

To connect your Oticon hearing aids to an Android phone, you’ll need:

  • Oticon hearing aids – More 1, Opn, Opn S, etc.
  • Compatible Android smartphone
  • Oticon ON app installed on your phone

Instructions to Pair Oticon Hearing Aids with Android

1. Download the Oticon ON App

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Oticon ON.” Download and install the free app.

2. Open the App and Enable Bluetooth

Open the Oticon ON app. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Android phone.

3. Put Hearing Aids in Pairing Mode

Put both hearing aids in pairing mode by opening and closing the battery doors.

4. Follow On-Screen Pairing Prompts

The app will walk you through the process of connecting your Oticon devices via Bluetooth. Follow the prompts to pair each hearing aid.

5. Connect Accessories (Optional)

You can also connect optional Oticon accessories like ConnectClip through the Oticon ON app.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you get a pairing error message:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Restart your hearing aids and phone, then try pairing again.
  • Forget the device in your phone’s Bluetooth settings and retry.

If the connection seems unstable:

  • Clear app cache and data and re-pair hearing aids.
  • Ensure you are within Bluetooth range of your phone.
  • Check for device software updates.

Benefits of Connecting Oticon Hearing Aids to Android

  • Adjust volume and switch listening programs remotely.
  • Stream audio like music, calls, podcasts directly to hearing aids.
  • Locate lost hearing aids using Find My Hearing Aids feature.
  • Get battery level reminders and monitoring.


What Android versions are supported?

Most Oticon hearing aids support Android 8.0 and higher. Check your device compatiblity.

Is Bluetooth pairing required?

Yes, Bluetooth is necessary to connect Oticon hearing aids with Android phones.

Do I need internet connection?

The Oticon ON app requires an internet connection for some features to work.

Pros of Connecting Oticon to Android

  • Remote control of hearing aid settings
  • Direct streaming of phone calls, music, etc.
  • Find lost hearing aids feature
  • Battery notifications and reminders

Cons of Connecting Oticon to Android

  • May experience Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Constant battery drain if always connected
  • Security concerns with Bluetooth vulnerability

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