How to Disable IMS Service on Android

Step-by-step guide on how to disable the IMS service on your Android device to resolve issues like poor call quality, SMS failures, and more in under 5 minutes.

What is the IMS Service on Android?

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a framework used for delivering IP multimedia services like VoLTE calls, WiFi calling etc. on Android devices. It allows seamless handover between VoLTE and WiFi calling.

The IMS service runs in the background and enables enhanced communication capabilities on Android smartphones. However, issues with the IMS service can lead to problems like:

  • Poor call quality/dropping calls
  • SMS send failures
  • Slow mobile data
  • Frequent disconnections from WiFi calling
  • Quick battery drain

How to Disable IMS Service on Android?

If you are facing the above issues, disabling the IMS service may help. Here are the steps to disable IMS service on Android:

Via Settings

1. Go to Settings on your Android phone.

2. Tap on Apps or Application Manager.

3. Search for IMS Service or IMS settings.

4. Tap on it and select Disable.

5. Confirm by tapping OK to disable IMS service.

6. Reboot your device for changes to take effect.

Via ADB Commands

1. Enable USB debugging on your Android device.

2. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable.

3. Open command prompt/terminal on PC.

4. Type ADB shell to get access.

5. Enter the command: pm disable

6. Reboot your device after running the command.

Pros of Disabling IMS Service

  • Fixes issues with calls like echo, static or noise
  • Resolves SMS sending failures
  • May improve mobile data speeds
  • Stops frequent disconnections from WiFi calling
  • Helps improve battery life

Cons of Disabling IMS Service

  • VoLTE calls will not work
  • WiFi calling will stop working
  • Video calling facilities will be disabled

Frequently Asked Questions

Does disabling IMS affect normal calls and SMS?

No, only advanced calling capabilities like VoLTE, WiFi calling etc will stop working. Normal calling and texting will continue to work.

Is it safe to disable IMS service?

It is generally safe to disable IMS if you are facing issues due to it. Just ensure VoLTE is not needed for your cellular network.

How to re-enable IMS service?

You can re-enable IMS service by simply reversing the steps above – go to Apps, search for IMS service and select Enable. Reboot device after.

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