How to Downgrade Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Android

Minecraft Bedrock edition on Android automatically updates to the latest version when you launch the game.

While the updates bring new features and fixes, sometimes you may want to downgrade to an older version.

For example, if a new update introduces bugs or removes features you liked.

Reasons to Downgrade Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  • New updates may remove features you enjoyed
  • Updates can introduce new bugs and glitches
  • You may prefer the gameplay of an older version
  • Downgrading allows you to keep playing old worlds saved in old formats

Requirements for Downgrading

  • Android device running Android 5.0 or higher
  • APK (install file) of the older Minecraft version you want
  • File manager app on your device to manage APK files

Steps to Downgrade Minecraft Bedrock on Android

  1. Find and download the APK file for the older Minecraft version you want. Safe sources include and
  2. Open your device’s file manager app and locate the downloaded APK file.
  3. Uninstall the current Minecraft app from your device.
  4. Install the older APK file and open Minecraft. It should now be downgraded.
  5. Disable auto-updates for Minecraft in the Play Store to prevent it from updating again.

That’s it! You should now have an older version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition running on your Android device. Make sure to back up any old worlds before opening them in a newer version of the game.


Will this method work on iOS?

No, downgrading Minecraft is only possible on Android as you can install older APK files. iOS does not allow installing older app versions.

Is downgrading Minecraft illegal?

No, downgrading a game you own is not illegal. You have the right to use older versions of software you purchased. Just make sure to download APKs only from trusted sources.

Can I keep my old Minecraft worlds?

Usually yes, but very old worlds may not work properly in much newer versions. Make backups just in case.

Pros of Downgrading

  • Keep enjoying old features that may have been removed
  • Avoid new bugs introduced in updates
  • Play older adventure maps and worlds
  • Nostalgia of playing older versions

Cons of Downgrading

  • Missing out on new features and fixes
  • Potential compatibility issues with very old worlds
  • Need to disable auto-updates in Play Store
  • Need to install updates manually when wanted

Downgrading Minecraft Bedrock edition on Android takes a bit of work but allows you to enjoy older versions of the game. Just make sure to get APKs from trusted sources. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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