How to Increase MMS Size Limit on Android

Learn how to increase the MMS size limit on Android phones and send large media files through MMS up to 100MB with simple tweaks to APN settings.

What is MMS and MMS Size Limit

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service allows sending multimedia files like photos, videos, GIFs, audio clips etc. through text messaging. Most carriers have a default MMS size limit of 1MB per file. Trying to send larger files fails with an error.

Why Increase MMS Size Limit on Android

Increasing the MMS size limit is useful to send high resolution photos, long videos, large documents etc. via text message. With higher size limit you can send files upto 100MB through MMS.

APN Settings to Increase MMS Size Limit

The MMS size limit is controlled through the APN or Access Point Name settings configured for your carrier. You can increase the limit by editing the APN settings as below:

  1. Go to Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network -> Access point names on your Android
  2. Tap on existing APN and edit it
  3. Change MMSC proxy to blank
  4. Increase MMS max message size to 100480 to allow 100MB files
  5. Save the APN settings

Other Ways to Increase MMS Size Limit

Some carriers may override the APN settings. In that case you can:

  • Try a third party MMS app from Play Store
  • Use a different messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger etc.
  • Connect to WiFi and use email to send large files

Pros of Increasing MMS Size Limit

  • Send high resolution photos through MMS
  • Share longer videos upto few minutes
  • Send large documents like PDFs, Word files etc.
  • No need to compress media before sharing

Cons of Increasing MMS Size Limit

  • Higher data usage as large MMS files consume mobile data
  • Slower delivery time for big MMS files
  • recipient may not support larger MMS size
  • Higher carrier charges for MMS data usage

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