How to Stop Bluetooth Auto Connect on Android

Having your Android device automatically connect to Bluetooth devices can be convenient.

However, it can also be annoying if your phone keeps connecting to an unwanted device.

Luckily, disabling Bluetooth auto-connect is easy to do.

Steps to Stop Auto Connect

The exact steps to disable Bluetooth auto connect may vary slightly depending on your Android device, but the general process is the same:

1. Open Bluetooth Settings

Open the Settings app on your Android and tap Connections > Bluetooth. You may also find a Bluetooth shortcut in your Quick Settings panel.

2. Select the Paired Device

Under the “Paired Devices” section, tap the Settings icon next to the device you want to stop auto-connecting to.

3. Uncheck Auto Connect

In the paired device’s settings, uncheck the Auto Connect option. This will prevent your phone from automatically connecting to that device.

4. Repeat for Other Devices

If you want to disable auto connect for other paired devices, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Stopping Auto Connect on Samsung Galaxy Phones

On Samsung Galaxy devices, the steps are:

1. Go to Bluetooth Settings

Open Settings and tap Connections > Bluetooth.

2. Tap the Settings Icon

Tap the Settings icon next to the paired device.

3. Turn Off Auto Connect

Tap Auto Connect to turn it off.


Does turning off auto connect unpair the device?

No, turning off auto connect does not unpair the Bluetooth device from your Android. It simply stops automatically connecting when in range.

Can I do this from the Quick Settings?

On some Android devices you can long press the Bluetooth icon in Quick Settings and tap “Unpair” on a paired device to disable auto connect.


Disabling Bluetooth auto connect stops a paired device from connecting without your permission. Just dive into the Bluetooth settings on your Android and turn off auto connect for any unwanted connections.

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