How to Stop Taboola Ads on Android

Taboola is an advertising network that displays sponsored content recommendations on many websites.

These ads can be annoying and clutter your Android device’s web browsing experience.

The good news is you can stop Taboola ads on Android using various methods.

Here are some effective ways to block and remove Taboola ads on Android.

Use an Ad Blocker App

One of the easiest ways to stop Taboola ads is using an ad blocking app. There are many good ad blockers available for Android:

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a popular ad blocker available for Android devices. It works across browsers and apps to block various ads, including Taboola. Enable the EasyList filter in AdBlock Plus to specifically target Taboola ads.


AdGuard is another excellent ad blocking app for Android. It removes ads in browsers as well as in apps. Enable the annoyance filter in AdGuard settings to block Taboola recommendations.


Blokada is an open source ad blocker app for Android. It blocks ads and tracking across your device via a local VPN connection. Add custom filters to target Taboola ads.

Use Browser Settings

You can also stop Taboola ads by using your Android browser’s settings and built-in options:


Open Chrome browser on your Android device and tap on the 3-dot menu. Go to Settings > Site Settings > Ad Settings. Here you can disable ads from Taboola by adding it to the “Sites can show ads, except for:” list.


In the Firefox app, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security. Scroll down to Content Blocking and enable the “Tracker Blocking” option. This will block Taboola ads.

Use a Different Browser

Some alternative browsers for Android like Brave, DuckDuckGo, and Firefox Focus block ads and trackers by default. Using them can stop Taboola ads without any extra settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see Taboola ads on my Android device?

Taboola has partnered with many popular websites and content platforms to show sponsored content ads. These recommendations appear on sites you visit from your Android device’s browser.

Are Taboola ads harmful?

Taboola ads are not directly harmful, but they can be intrusive and clutter your web browsing. The recommendations may also contain clickbait or misleading titles.

Will blocking Taboola ads speed up my Android device?

Blocking ads can mildly improve page load speeds and browser performance on your Android device. But the boost may not be very noticeable for Taboola ads specifically.

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