Android Apps for Organizing Travel Itineraries and Booking Accommodations

Android Apps for Organizing Travel Itineraries and Booking Accommodations
Android Apps for Organizing Travel Itineraries and Booking Accommodations

This guide covers the top Android apps like TripIt, Google Trips, PackPoint, and HotelTonight for organizing travel plans, booking hotels, and packing lists.

Planning a trip can be stressful with keeping track of flights, transportation, hotels and things to pack. Thankfully, there are some great Android apps that make organizing travel itineraries and booking accommodations much easier.

Top Android Apps for Travel Planning and Bookings

Here are some of the best Android apps travelers should have installed:

  • TripIt – Organize bookings and make an itinerary
  • Google Trips – Day plans and reservations
  • PackPoint – Packing list generator
  • HotelTonight – Last-minute hotel deals

TripIt – Travel Organizer App

TripIt is one of the most popular travel apps on Android and iOS for keeping all your bookings and plans in one place. Simply forward confirmation emails from flights, hotels, trains, etc. and TripIt will automatically create an itinerary with maps and day-to-day schedules.

Key features include:

  • Updates in real-time when plans change
  • Available offline for on-the-go access
  • Sharing itineraries with family & friends

Is TripIt free to use?

The basic TripIt app is free with an option to upgrade to TripIt Pro for $49 per year with additional features like flight delay alerts and refund notifications.

Does TripIt store travel data securely?

Yes, TripIt has secure cloud servers to protect user data and travel information stored in your account.

Google Trips for Day Plans

Another great free Android app for on-the-go travel planning is Google Trips…

PackPoint Packing List Manager

Packing for a big trip abroad can be overwhelming. This is where the PackPoint app comes in handy…

HotelTonight for Accommodation Deals

For booking last-minute hotel deals, HotelTonight is a top choice for finding quality accommodation options on short notice…


Planning a trip from transportation to lodging to packing is smooth sailing with these handy Android apps like TripIt, Google Trips, PackPoint and HotelTonight discussed above. Safe travels!

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