How to Take Aura Photos with an Android Phone: The Complete Guide

How to Take Aura Photos with an Android Phone
How to Take Aura Photos with an Android Phone

Aura photography allows you to visualize the human aura – the subtle energy field that surrounds our body.

While dedicated aura cameras can cost thousands of dollars, you can capture aura photos using just your Android smartphone!

In this complete guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best Android apps for taking aura photos
  • Tips for preparing to capture your aura
  • Step-by-step instructions to photograph auras
  • How to interpret the colors and meaning of your aura image
  • Ways to cleanse and balance your aura

So if you want to glimpse your personal energy field and discover insights into your health, emotions and spirituality, then read on!

Best Android Apps for Aura Photography

Several aura camera apps utilize your phone’s camera to capture images of a person’s aura…

Aura Camera

The Aura Camera app is one of the most popular for aura photography on Android. Key features include:

  • Detailed aura readings and color meanings
  • Ability to share photos on social media
  • Daily aura forecasts

Aura Reader

Another top pick is the Aura Reader app with handy options like:

  • A library of 100+ aura colors
  • Customizable aura frames
  • Saving multiple aura pictures

5 Tips for Taking Great Aura Photos

Follow these tips for getting the best possible aura pictures with your Android phone:

1. Charge Your Aura First

Certain activities like meditation, yoga and spending time in nature can strengthen your aura prior to photographs…

2. Pay Attention to Lighting

For ideal photos, use soft, evenly distributed light. Avoid direct sunlight which can overexpose images…

3. Clean the Camera Lens

Smudges or dust on your phone’s lens can distort the aura, so wipe it clean beforehand…

4. Get the Right Background

Solid neutral backgrounds like a blank wall help the aura stand out most…

5. Have Patience While Snapping Photos

It often takes some experimenting with distances and angles to get a crisp aura photo…

How to Take Aura Photos: Step-by-Step

Ready to glimpse your aura? Just follow these steps:

1. Download an Aura Camera App

Install a specialized aura app like Aura Camera or Aura Reader on your Android device…

2. Charge Up Your Aura

Engage in aura-strengthening self-care like meditation, time in nature, breathwork, etc…

3. Set Up Proper Lighting

Position yourself with soft, even light…Too bright or dark ruins aura pics…

4. Select a Solid Background

Stand in front of a blank wall to help the aura pop in images…

5. Clean the Camera Lens

Wipe your phone’s lens clean before photographing your aura…

6. Frame Yourself Correctly

Center yourself in the viewfinder before snapping pics to fit your head and aura…

7. Take Lots of Photos!

Experiment with angles and distances – aura photography takes some trial and error…

8. View and Interpret Your Aura

Check out your aura colors and use the app’s meanings to gain self-insights…

Interpreting the Colors and Meaning of Your Aura Photo

Here is an overview of common aura colors and what they signify:

Red Aura

Red signifies energy, passion and action…

Orange Aura

Orange points to creativity, confidence and ambition…

Yellow Aura

Yellow represents optimism, inspiration and intelligence…

Green Aura

Green indicates healing abilities, compassion and balance…

Blue Aura

Blue relates to calmness, intuition, and being in touch with emotions…

Violet Aura

Violet suggests free thinking, wisdom and spiritual awakening…

Cleansing and Balancing Your Aura

Based on your aura colors, you may want to cleanse and strengthen your personal energy field. Effective methods include:


Burning sage can help clear away negative energy…


Certain crystals like selenite recharge and stabilize the aura…


Grounding meditations and spending time in nature balances your energy…

Aura Sprays

Spritzing aura cleansing sprays can revitalize your personal energy field…

Can anyone see auras?

Some people naturally see the human aura, but anyone can capture photographs with practice and the right tools like aura apps.

Do aura photos show your mood?

Yes, aura images can reveal your current mood and emotions through temporary color fluctuations in your energy field.

Start Snapping Aura Photos Today!

As you can see, photographing the aura with just your Android device is totally possible! With the right apps and techniques, you’ll be on your way to discovering insights into your energy.

So download an aura camera app, play with distances and angles, and have fun glimpsing your personal aura. Understanding its colors and taking steps to cleanse it can profoundly impact your health, emotions and personal growth!

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